After all what we have seen and heard about India’s greatness, diversity, there is another side which is a bit mandatory to happen being a historical place. History deals with a lot of hidden secrets those are unveiled. There have been a lot many places which actually  are considered ” JINXED” . Even if you don’t believe the story, make sure you visit these places because “Goosebumps never lie

There are some scary facts about every mentioned place.




The history prevails with a frightening tale that many of the localists have reported. Village has been abandoned since the early 1800’s because it has been said that during the 1825 the villagers were levied with a huge tax amount by the mighty “Diwan“.People decided to leave and abandon the township at that moment  and left somewhere in the darkness of one night cursing that nobody could ever settle here in this town. No movements of settling down here have been reported since then. The negativity has covered all over the town with the sturdy remains surrounded by vast “Thar dessert“.

Recommended time to visit– 8AM before Sunset.

Scary fact – People visiting have been reportedly missing during even daylight.


Dumas Beach,Surat.


A long stretch over the coastline on the verge of Arabian sea covered with the human remains. This place has been a cremation ground since ancient times for the “SATI’S“(Widowed Female). The toxins have so badly released and trapped in the air that the place still stinks of human dead bodies. It is said that the spirits of the sati’s keep roaming during day and night whereas the presence has been felt mostly during nigh. The beach is abandoned and illegal to trespass during night.

Recommended time to visit– During daytime.

Scary Fact– Animals(Dogs) roaming around are caught doing strange things, which proofs about the paranormal activities.

Orbs” which are usually found in an image is naturally witnessed by local’s.


D’souza Chawl,Mumbai.


Chawl’s are tenements and are usually found in Mumbai because of it’s high population and sudden difference in class. The story suggests that this chawl once belonged to a woman who died falling in well nearby. It’s said that the spirit of that woman still rove around the chasm and it is advised not to go nearby it during night.

Recommended time to visit– Anytime during day.

Scary Fact- Many similar deaths have been reported during night. People say that the spirit takes revenge as nobody saved her while she drowned.


Bhangarh Fort,Alwar.


Okay ! This one’s very famous . But yet hell scary . This place comes up with a dramatical story in which a local magician (“Tantrik“) fell for the princess and was humiliated and murdered brutally falling for the almighty princess of that reign. The tantrik cursed the village to be apocalyptic and haunted by the his evil spirit causing the human race to extinct from that piece of land.

Recommended time to visit– Anytime during day.

Scary Fact- The Archaeological Survey of India or the ASI has officially forbidden the locals and tourists from entering the fort at night.



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