Sharing a remarkable experience of my life with you folks. This post is a call out to every person who is willing to have a fantastic time of life in North India. The place during winters,is no less beautiful than the any alluring place around the globe.Image on the top ↑ says it ALL !

The journey included a numerous attractions and spots. This post will take you through the wonderful experience I’ve had.

Béni par la mère nature




A place where virtue of god descends on land in distinct forms of nature. A place where the clouds touch the highness of sturdy mountains and greens blossom with the dew over every morning.



Oh Yes SKI !

You are allowed to buy tickets and reach the peak and ski down to the surface area. The 4kms lengthy ropeway allows people to have full sight of The Great Himalayas. It costs about ₹750  which is $11-$12.


Moving down to the surface where a beautiful LAKE is located. The water body is graciously treated by the localists as a blessing from LORD SHIVA who is still believed to exist in HIMALAYAS !


-How can I reach there ?

There are several ways to reach there.Pick any one of them which suits you best ! 🙂

By Road 

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.41.34 PM

Catch a state bus from Delhi which is absolutely fantastic and on time.

Book your tickets here.

-By Air


Away from urbanised area, this place lacks a self airport,But this place does have a helicopter service from Dehradun. Click here to know more .

Travellers are suggested to look for accommodations after reaching right there to get discounts.

Adobe Stay.jpg

Suggested Place : Himalyan Abode Stay.

Average price per night- ₹4000 – ₹5000.(Breakfast Included)



Thanks for sparing out your precious time and reading my experience. 🙂





By-Samarth Jain



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