Not only the Persia deals with the unexplored history, but also India is the hub to a lot of unmatched ancient collections. UNESCO certifies the heritage sites that are excavated by the dynamic archeologists and thus prepared to present it to the world.

Amongst all of them, ” AJANTA CAVES” which is believed to be surviving since “2nd century BCE”. This site was declared as one of the World’s heritage sites by UNESCO in 1983. Being one of the oldest civilisations in the world, this country carries great past and remains of the lifestyle that was adopted by the people during Before Christ(BC). There are some crazy things which we need to know about this place. I have jotted them below :


-Buddhist Culture


It is believed to have inheretence of buddhist culture under Indian influence since the prolonged history took place.This place is known to even have a “monastery” inside.


– Pictorial Representation of “Buddha’s Re-birth” .


The image above depicts the “Lord Buddha” and is captured from the caves of AJANTA itself. It is believed that their are many wall paintings which state Re-birth of the lord buddha. Apart from paintings, the caves possess huge “STUPA’S” which are mound shaped for buddhists to preach their culture.

-Not Just one,there are 36 Caves in the complex.


One after another, this is how the archaeologists kept working and finding the depth of the Indian history residing in these man made sculptures and caves. These caves are believed to be constructed in “3 different phases”.

First Phase- “Satavahana” .

Second Phase-  “Mahayana” .

Third Phase- “Chaitya Grihas” .

-Mystery Map.


The map above is the latest version of the one that was found quite earlier in early 1890’s. ASI(Archaeological Survey Of India) has set up an office nearby because of constant discoveries in the area.


There are many more hidden stories in this world which still needs to be brought up by the discovery people. I feel quite prosperous while writing and sharing every article upon my country for my valued readers like you. Keep Reading and Keep Liking !


Thank you so much.


Samarth Jain
The Indian Blogger



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