Life doesn’t require us to be the best, it only asks us to give our best ! 

In the race of life, it is we who choose the path for ourselves or the destinies we want to end at. But there are many cases where life wanted a little more than what it actually was going like.

We have a few examples from India who’ve clearly showed about how your present is going to change your future.


  • APJ Abdul Kalam 


Avul Pakir jainulabdeen abdul kalam hailed from a very simple family where his father was a boat owner who earned enough money to afford their livings. With a millions dream in his heart and the courage to perform this man started from scratch where he sold newspapers to nourish his family needs and not wants. Even with so many distractions, the man got scholarship to study physics in graduation and aerospace further onwards.

Started as : Newspaper vendor.

Nailed life as : Scientist for Indian Government/Developer of Nuclear arms for India/11th President Of India.

  • Narendra Damordas Modi


Narendra Damordas Modi is counted under one of the most dynamic and powerful leaders around the globe. Ever thought about the reason behind the success of this man? Growing intentions towards his passionate activity Debate he developed an idea of being a leader which led him touch the path of success.Starting from his own state, today he is ruling over India.

Started as : Tea seller at railway station in Gujarat.

Nailed life as : CM of Gujrat during 2001-2014, Prime Minister of India(2014-Present).

  • Shah rukh Khan(SRK)


After loosing his parents at quite an early age, this young masterpiece managed to challenge life his way. With severe hard-work and  passion to build a place in millions hearts, SRK started off with a television serial and now speaks for youth at TEDx to inspire them about life. This Delhi guy gathered all his will and stepped into a new phase of life when he went to Mumbai for the first time.

Started as : Rupees 50 as first salary,Didnt have place to live in Mumbai.

Nailed life as : One of the richest actor around the world,Best Romantic Hero,King of Bollywood.

  • Dhirajlal Hirachand Dhirubhai Ambani


Once owner of Reliance Industries, Dhirubhai was no less than a common man. A man who once left his studies just because of financial reasons took an oath to conquer the world with his dreams and passion, even without studies. This man, started off a company named Reliance in mumbai with his cousin where he got the pay off to his hardworking becoming one of the richest man of the world.

Started as : Bhajia Seller at Mount girnar.(Roadside)

Nailed life as : Founder of reliance Industries(Leading Conglomerate industries of India).


This article doesn’t support you for not studying or just sit idle thinking about the dream, it is just written to show that how well hardworking pays off. Never loose your sight to future, dreaming gives you the courage to capture it in reality.










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