charminarABOUT – The Charminar is a mosque and a very popular monument situated in the middle of the Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is also known as the global icon of Hyderabad and was built in 1591. It was made up of granite, limestone, mortar and pulverized marble and the weight of this monument is approximately 14000 tones. There are four minarets each of height 184 feet (56 meters) with a double balcony. The name of the area surrounding this monument is same as Charminar.

REASON BEHIND – It is widely accepted that the Charminar was built to celebrate the eradication of the plague (a deadly disease which was widely spread). It was built at the same place where Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah had prayed for the end of the plague.

According to a French traveller of the 17th century, the Charminar was constructed to celebrate the beginning of the 2nd Islamic millennium year. The event was celebrated wide and far in the Islamic world and then Qutab Shah found Hyderabad to celebrate the event and then he celebrated this event with the construction of this monument.

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