Lotus-Temple-HD-Wallpapers-3ABOUT – Lotus temple is one of the popular monuments in Delhi and is known for house of worship, it is open to all, regardless of religion. It is famous for its beautiful shape like flower. The building of lotus temple is composed of 27 free standing marble-clad petals with nine sides having nine doors opening towards a center hall. The height of the temple is around 40 meters with the base diameter of 70 meters (240 feet) and it has a capacity of 2500 people. The construction of the temple was completed on 13th November, 1986. It has been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazines and has won many awards. According to the Indian government this places is one of the most visited places in the world and about 100 million visits counted till April, 2014.

REASON BEHIND – The story behind the construction of this monument is the unity of all religions and the unity of humanity, it is open for all so that the person belongs to any religion can come and do worship of god, therefore, it is known as the House Of Worship.

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