On 18th November 1962, at the top notch point of Ladakh(Chushul) where breathing is a tough deed, 120 army personnel belonging to the charlie company of 13 Kumaon fought a fierce, immortal and fearless battle against 5000-6000 Chinese troops.


 Major Shaitan Singh,Param Vir Chakra.

Major shaitan singh was the commanding officer when PLA(People’s Liberation Army) attacked over ladhak early in the morning. That was the time when a crest of the ridge prevented Indian Army to lend support, leaving the jawans help themselves or vacant the post and return.

The pride of the soldiers didn’t believe to step back but rather fight to the huge wave of soldiers coming in way. About 114 Soldiers martyred for their nation while 6 survived the immense battle.



Why didn’t the JAWANS(Soldiers) step back?

Ladhak had one single airstrip for the army to have control which was in chushul near to rezang la post where the army camps were set up. The huge wave coming in would have destroyed the camps taking over the area which might had taken away ladhak from INDIA.


What actually happened there?

After the colluded decision of the whole battalion for not to step back, they started to put the Chinese personnel down as much as they came in. About 1500 chinese soldiers were sent to the death bead by just 120 people. At one point there were no arms and ammunitions other than the bayonets attached to their manually operated guns. Without even thinking about the consequences, Shaitan singh’s men fought fearlessly facing AK47’s with their (one shot rifles)old prototype guns loaded manually. The moment was too heated to even relax for a minute. Wounded jawans believed to slay their enemies coming in their way. From punching to holding their necks bashing them each other is what the muscular indian jawans did that day. These numbers were recorded after the damage declaration happened between the two countries involved in INDO-SINO war.

This video captures interviews of the survived men telling about the real picture:

After 3 months of the battle, a shepherd went towards valley finding army personnel’s bodies frozen and casted with guns in hand and attack positions.

Today, Ladhak is an exclusive destination for tourists coming India and for most Indians as well. But did we ever think about giving a credit to these men because of whom we are able to visit ladhak.


For the honour of those men who saved this wonderful place not just for people like us, for the pride of the nation. I salute Indian Army to live for the citizens of the country and serve them with their lives on stake. 


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