As we saw the big achievements of India in the first part of SURPRISING INDIA, now we are here with the more interesting and amazing achievements because this country has limitless records from which people are less aware.

— ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation has made many world Records and in present it is known as one of the best Space Organisations, even many organisations take help from ISRO.


  • ISRO created a world record by launching 104 satellites together successfully which beats the previous record of Russia of launching 37 satellites. In 104 satellites 96 satellites are of USA, even having the world’s biggest space organisation NASA they took ISRO’s help because ISRO is very economical and successful, this shows the value of ISRO world wide.
  • Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) is one the biggest success of ISRO because this mission succeeded in the first attempt and it costs about 450 crores (it costs about 12 rupees per kilometer which is even cheaper than ola and uber) which is the cheapest mars mission in the history.
  • ISRO do not buy technologies and methodologies from any other organisations, they build everything inside their organisation.
  • This is the funny and crazy fact about ISRO that this organisation has the most bachelor scientists who devoted their life towards science.

— India has the most qualified persons in the World

  • In terms of degree Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy is the most qualified person on this planet because he has got total 35 degrees in his career, which is a very huge number and seems like impossible to break this record.

dr hardyal

  • According to the Limca Book of Records Late Dr. Shrikant Jichkar was the most educated person in the country and this person has got 20 degrees in his career from different universities with first class grades. He also cleared the Civil exam (known as the toughest exam in India) twice in his life.

dr. shrikant

  • Dr. Ashoka Jahnavi Prasad Jr. is known as the leader in the Medical Field in India and got 19 degrees from different universities in his career.


  • R.K. Rai is also in the list of most qualified persons and he has got 30 degrees in his career includes 22 MA’s, 5 PhD’s and 3 D. Litt’s.

rk rai

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