Welcoming you to the home of diversity, with the vibrant and uniqueness of residing multiple cultures, religions, traditions in a single country which could be only INDIA !

There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. Yes, India is such a place.Keith Bellows


All About India is an initiative to spread the positivity in an informative manner with the sole purpose of publicise the hidden gems of India. A list according to the distinct states of India is prepared below telling about the importance to visit the following.India has about 29 states and 7 union territory.

Andhra Pradesh

Charminar night view
Charminar, Hyderabad.

Home to the almighty gods, and native to a lot of a cultural aspects, this state is enriched with traditional ethos. Art is the main feature amongst the people of Andhra Pradesh, be it craft, music, dance or any versatile form of it.

Arunachal Pradesh

The Golden Pagoda, Namsai.

The largest state of India in the north eastern region, which comes up with a land area of 83,743 sq km out of which about 82% is covered with greenery. Surprise rainfalls are a mist of nature gifted to this place. State accommodates 26 Major tribes and 100 Sub-tribes.This place has the thinnest population density throughout the nation.


Tea Gardens, Assam.

India’s 2.39% of landmass comes under Assam.The state is the part of 8 north eastern community states.The sacred river Brahmaputra flows through the entire state. This place- rich in culture,ethnic in traditions, vast in society.Assam occupies breathtaking places to visit.


Nalanda University, Patna. (UNESCO Heritage Site.)

Origin to a lot of religions,Bihar is the most diversified state in country to possess multi-cultural aspects with a significance of ” Non-Violance”. The state possess one major stop to all the religions followed in the country, be it – HinduismJainism, BuddhismSikhism and many more.


Chitrakote Falls, Agdalpur.

Chhattisgarh has positioned itself as the destination ‘full of surprises’ with some of the amazing destinations which could certainly lead to the growth of tourism in the future. It has created a niche for itself on the tourist map of India.


Kerim Beach, Goa.

The smallest state on the country enriched with western culture due to an indirect of “Parsi’s” over Goa. It is known for it’s beaches all over the countries. If it comes to a party vacation then nothing would be best for you than Goa.


Rann of Kutch, Bhuj.

State stretches out to the Arabian sea on one end to the land connectivity on other.This is the home state to “leader of the nation“(Mahatma Gandhi) and so is the liquor free state of India. Wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts and natural grandeur are gifts of Gujarat. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, festivals also make the state rich.


Kingdom of dreams, Gurgaon.

Haryana” means the abode of God. This vibrant state presents a vivid kaleidoscope of diverse landscapes, showcasing magnificent archaeology, and celebrating art and culture. The state still has the ruins from some of our earliest civilisations like Indus valley. Also, the state has a unique history with battles of Panipat and Mahabharata.

Himachal Pradesh

Spiti valley, Lahaul.

Himachal is in the lap of the Great Himalaya’s, enriched with a lot of biological factors such as wildlife & nature. It is considered to be the landscape capturing spot through out the country.

Jammu & kashmir


The North End of India, J & K which is mostly locate in the Himalayan range of mountains had been a princely state in the history of India. The state is sub divided into three parts – kashmir, Jammu & Ladakh. It is known for the honeymoon spot for the Indians.



This place may also be called as “Bushland” because of its consistent possession of forests throughout. The only state to share its border with 5 different states within the country. The state is considered very rich to be inhabitant because 40% of the country’s minerals reside here.



This state lies in the south-western area of the country. The state is known for diversifying culture where technology has taken a further leap in the capital of state whereas the cultural and mythological presence in other parts of it.


Back Waters, Kerela.

An equable climate, serene beaches, tranquil stretches of backwaters, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife are the major attractions of this land.  A unique advantage of Kerala is that most of the destinations here are only a two – four hour drive from the other.

Madhya Pradesh

Panna Tiger Reserve

Heart of the nation” – Madhya pradesh lies in the centre of the country which enables it to grab insights from the northern parts of India, southern, westearn as well as eastern. Diversified cultural values and moralities of the residents makes it unique for a traveller to experience “Hindustan ka Dil“.


Gateway of India, Mumbai.

The business hub of India and the home to one and only Bombay stock exchange(Mumbai). Much more to this, Mumbai is the native place to Bollywood. Maharashtra is a a rich entity of India in all the factors.With wild landscapes to iconic towers, this western state has it’s all.


Loktak Lake.jpg
Loktak lake

Manipur is an alliance state of north eastern community.It is known as the “bamboo state “& “Jewel of India” for its marvellous beauty.An outstanding place for tourism because of its marvellous beauty.


Dawn River, Dawki.

Meghalaya has a rich tribal culture heritage. Stood apart from the urbanisation this place is a “gift of mother nature” to the inhabitants of this state.


Soloman’s temple, Aizwal.

A North-Eastern state which shares border to two different neighbour nations from two different ends. Mythological beliefs of people living here are distinct to what ordinary population of India has. Maximum number of people preach buddhism around North-Eastern India.


Hornbill festival, Nagaland.

Fully  mountainous place acquired by beautiful landscapes all around, Nagaland lives a peaceful life. It is home to a lot of indigenous tribes. The soil throughout the state is very rich in minerals and quite fertile with the pleasant climate throughout the year. An adventurer should definitely hit it.


Konark Temple, Orissa.

Heritage state sharing a lot of memories with “Mauryan dynasty”, this place has a lot to wander and check out. One would definitely not regret visiting this state because of its multiple heritage blocks.


golden temple.jpg
Golden Temple, Amritsar.

The “land of wheat” known for its people and their characteristics. This Northern state has a lot Delhi’s environment due to the presence of western culture. Food is one of the specialities of Punjab.


Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer.

The “Land of Royals” Rajasthan sets its status apart in the heritage lifestyle and orthodox traditions with a wide variety of delicious food and customs. Many of the Indian Dynasties belonged to Rajasthan. They are known for their pride and honour.


Silk Route, Sikkim.

Again,one of the North-Eastern States of India, people of Sikkim believe in Buddhist culture. The amidst landscapes in the state are too beautiful for not staring.

Tamil Nadu

tamil nadu .jpg
Peruvudaiyar Kovil.

One of the major state in Southern-India,Tamil Nadu is the 4th largest state of India. This place is known for its massive beaches and their special south Indian Food. also it is believed that many of the artists come up from this state, a “zone of Talent“.


Hussain Sagar Lake.

Cities of Telangana, offers a wide variety of cuisines in a very delicious servings. This place is actually an explorers hub for a food type of person. Apart from this the state shares the same capital of Andhra Pradesh which is “Hyderabad“.


Ujjyanta Palace

Situated along the Bangladeshi Border of India, this state has a strong intervention of Muslim culture, tradition and a lot more. “Ethnicity” is what this state is known for. Mughals have been always ahead in creativity and so does the gardens built here.

Uttar Pradesh

Taj Mahal, Agra.

The largest constituency of India is “Uttar Pradesh”. This state has the largest area amongst all other fellow states of this country. This state comes right after Rajasthan in heritage sight seeing because of Mughal’s presence during their reign.


Valley of Flowers, AULI.

Uttarakhand state is considered “Sacred” as two of the Indian holy rivers originates here,”GANGA” & “YAMUNA“. Uttarakhand is the only state to have “Sanskrit” as their official language. Diversity is appreciated and so this state has a lot of immigrant and wide variety of culture attained. Apart from this the state has half of its presence in Himalayas and much in plains too.

West Bengal

Taj Hotel, Kolkata.

From the greenery of Ganges to the might Himalayas,this state has it all. The state is fulfilled with a lot of heritage architecture, festivals,traditions,customs and much more. The intelligence to the ultimate delicious sweetness is what WEST BENGAL is praised for.

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