How can we forget about legendary CHHETRI over Virushka ?

It is understood that we’ve been getting crazy about Virat Kohli and Anushka sharma getting hitched. But can we really afford to miss out the greetings for SUNIL CHHETRI.Social Media has lost its calm over the crazy destination themed wedding of Virushka. Twitter’s been overloaded with #Virushka that too by not only their fans but also […]

Conquering Gujarat be a big Deal for Modi Sarkar ?

Since 9th December , all the BJP veterans have been tackling media personnels with their continuous questions regarding the Gujarat Rajya Sabha Elections 2017.Several Polling bodies have evolved the results favouring BJP than congress and others. Insights from Multiple Exit polls. It is glad to witness that the real anxiousness is coming from china regarding […]

Do you believe what ROHIT SHARMA gifted her wife on their 2nd Anniversary.

Current Captain of Indian Cricket Team Mr.Rohit Sharma amused thousands of Indian fans by scoring another double century(200) of his ODI career against Sri Lanka. The captain was witnessed roaring in the ground with his blaster bat hitting 12(6’s), 13(4’s) totalling upto 124 bagging just through boundaries and rest singles making 208* individual score of […]

“Delicious+Yummy+pocket friendly” food spots in Delhi !

Oh yes! People of delhi,take a deep breath for your ultimate food guide journey. Warning-This Post can be mouth watering. 😛 Today, we’ve got some pretty wonderful and cheap food joints in Delhi that are simply mesmerising. Information is mentioned below: LOTAN JI CHOLE WALE If you’re in Delhi, it is unfair to leave the city […]

The Unveiled story of Indo-Sino war’62 at Rezang La !!

On 18th November 1962, at the top notch point of Ladakh(Chushul) where breathing is a tough deed, 120 army personnel belonging to the charlie company of 13 Kumaon fought a fierce, immortal and fearless battle against 5000-6000 Chinese troops.  Major Shaitan Singh,Param Vir Chakra. Major shaitan singh was the commanding officer when PLA(People’s Liberation Army) […]


Life doesn’t require us to be the best, it only asks us to give our best !  In the race of life, it is we who choose the path for ourselves or the destinies we want to end at. But there are many cases where life wanted a little more than what it actually was […]

7 Places that you can’t miss out in Delhi.

  India habitat centre   A place where unity in diversity is proven amongst diversified cultures and religions of India. People enjoy a blasting set of cultural programmes varying from western to niche local traditional folks.The place has its own eating joints inside. Visitors have the choice to eat pure American cuisine at “All American […]

Existence of “IMPERATIVE” caves in India

Not only the Persia deals with the unexplored history, but also India is the hub to a lot of unmatched ancient collections. UNESCO certifies the heritage sites that are excavated by the dynamic archeologists and thus prepared to present it to the world. Amongst all of them, ” AJANTA CAVES” which is believed to be […]